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It was released on July 5, and was reviewed by the Library Journal. After her time traveling stint with Laura, Betsy comes back from hell. When she returns home, she's shocked to find that things have been changed. Nick is back and no longer hates her, Jessica is pregnant and Garrett, aka George the Fiend, is alive. While Betsy struggles to accept this new reality, she discovers that an unwelcome guest traveled back with her to the present. Between fighting with her sister the Antichrist and a shoe induced panic attack, she has her hands full.

Just when things can't get much worse, she returns to hell to make a deal with the devil herself. Undead and Unstable was published in There is a heated debate over whether to let him rest in peace or to raise him from the dead. Just when things have reached an impasse, Marc is found lurking around the attic newly undead.

The Vampire Queen - Ch. 2

While Betsy is dealing with this, a visitor from the future arrives and waits for her to do something, and so does the devil, but she has no idea what either of them wants. Eventually Betsy unintentionally gives both unwelcome visitors what they want, which changes the course of the future.

Betsy's in deep trouble again. Thanks to her, the devil is dead and the Antichrist isn't happy about it. To get her sister to speak to her again, Betsy does what she does best: irritate people. Her sister becomes so exasperated that Betsy gets her way, and makes Laura promise to show up for Thanksgiving. During a late Thanksgiving dinner, Jessica's pregnancy seems less than normal and Laura becomes angry again.

Betsy is dragged back to Hell, where Laura abandons her. She is left to figure out how to get the hell out of Hell on her own, which she has no idea how to do.

For Elizabeth Taylor, Queen of the Undead, it's business as usual. When she isn't avoiding going to Hell to become co-ruler or complaining about her life, she's adjusting to things yet again. Marc and Tina are suddenly best friends, Jessica and Dick-Not-Nick are doting new parents, and her vampire husband is paying more attention to his two puppies than her. Eventually, her responsibilities in Hell catch up to her.

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Hell is still nothing more than a misty void of nothingness, until Betsy runs into a familiar soul or two. Before she knows it, Hell has some semblance of a place again. The new Hell is now a huge mall, complete with a directory and a Macy's. Between coming up with new punishments, like trying on shoes at Payless that never fit, she actually begins to have fun with the job. Just when she's getting into the swing of things, her father makes a reappearance. Betsy gets through things with a little help from her friends, two mischievous babies, and strangely enough, a lawnmower.

Hell better watch out, because their new ruler is just getting started. Betsy, queen of the vampires and shoe-loving ruler of Hell-as-the-Mall-of-America, is determined not to let her half-sister Laura the self-righteous former Antichrist set the terms for the vampires' come-out. She asks Fred the mermaid for assistance, which becomes all the more necessary when the Wyndham werewolves decamp nearby, worried about their anonymity.

Betsy proves she's a good deal less vapid than given credit for by turning a theological bee in her bonnet into an innovative parole program for some of Hell's most well-behaved denizens, though her constant mental exposition is deservedly and funnily mocked by her hunky consort Sinclair. For those who once loved the series, which has faltered in recent installments, this provides a proper send-off.

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The Mark of the Vampire Queen (Vampire Queen #2)

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